P&B are an official dealer for PICHON Slurry Tankers, Muck Spreaders and Slurry Stirrers. PICHON is a family-owned French company with a reputation for innovation and performance. They have been improving spraying & spreading technology for over 40 years and are sold around the world. Custom-built solutions are a key focus and bespoke designs incorporating specific customer and user requirements are a major part of the operation. At PICHON, every tanker is designed to strictly meet the user’s specifications. This approach includes listening carefully to the customer’s requirements and with this focused approach, the company is able to respond very quickly to even the most challenging of demands.   For further information on the range of Pichon equipment, please contact your local Area Sales Person for more details or contact head office on 01652 600200.


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Pichon Product Range


PICHON offers a broad range of slurry tankers, with capacities ranging from 2,600 up to 30,000l designed for professional usage. PICHON’s tankers are versatile, safe and easy to use and to maintain Their tankers can be fitted with a range of filling solutions, from a simple valve, to various types of arms and the very latest innovations for filling purposes. A broad range of spreading products, from spreader bars, to injectors or simple nozzles, has been specially developed by PICHON to solve the spreading problems that every user faces.


Pichon also have a range of highly efficient Muck Master spreaders for manure application, their spreaders range from 9 to 24 m³ and standard equipment includes a fully galvanised chassis and spreader body of heavy duty construction. They offer beaters with the biggest diameter on the market which gives higher tip speed and uniform spreading of various products at higher flow rates (even at the end of spreading). The size of the beaters and their positioning provide overlap of the left and right beaters and spreading vanes ensuring complete processing of any clumps and lumps. Additionally, this gives a benefit of saving energy.


PICHON have a range of slurry mixers & pumps to suit every requirement. Their new range integrates a centrifugal pumping system equipped with blades and reverse blades. This new series is available in lengths 6.5, 8 and 10.5 m.