Posted on 4th January 2022


That's a Fact! #BackBritishFarmingDay

Back in September this year, our staff all took a pledge to support British Farming.
#BackBritishFarmingDay took place on Wednesday 15th September, this is an annual celebration of British farming and the contribution our farmers make to growing our food, shaping and caring for our countryside and farmed landscapes, and protecting the natural environment for future generations. Many of our staff were photographed with a pledge card to show their support. Take a look at some of the photos!

So why is it important to raise awareness of the British Farming industry? Well, the campaign as well as reinforced that British food is some of the highest quality, safest, and most nutritious food in the world and that we have the climate and the natural resources to produce fresh, affordable food for everyone,
in every corner of the UK.

Here are just a few reasons why British Farming should be backed by all:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions from UK beef are less than half the global average.
  • 65% of UK farmland is best suited for growing grass for animals to eat, grazing livestock on this land turns inedible grass into high quality, nutrient-rich beef and lamb.
  • In 2017, schemes were in place with farmers in England boosting Biodiversity and enhancing the environment.
  • The UK egg industry is worth over £1billion to
    the economy.
  • Wool is worth £100 million to the British economy.
  • British livestock is produced to some of the highest animal welfare standards in the world.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions in the UK, contribute
    to 10% of the total output, compared to 27% by transport, 21% from energy supply, 17% from businesses and 15% from residential and others such as Waste management, Public, industrial etc at 9%.

Facts & figures sourced from NFU Mutual 2021