Posted on 4th March 2021

Corringham Branch: M&T Haylage

Starting as a small business back in 1987, the Woolhouse farming business grew combinable crops like wheat, with livestock including pigs and cows. Fast forward just 33 years and the business has transformed to be the successful, South Yorkshire-based, M&T Haylage.

Providing high-quality home-grown, Hay & Haylage to racing yards in the UK and exporting to the global equestrian market. Which you can find on our shelves at Corringham.

In 2014 S.P. Woolhouse and Sons Ltd was formed. Stewart, Clare and their two sons, Michael and Thomas, grew combinable crops such as wheat, oilseed rape and sugar beet each year. Just a year later the M&T Haylage brand developed, growing 50 acres of grass to produce large round bale hay and haylage for the local equestrian market in South Yorkshire.

In the year following, produce was doubled, M&T Haylage were now growing 100 acres of grass before expanding the business in 2017 to 200 acres of specialist grass mixes for the wider local area.

The team expanded in 2018 and hay & haylage from the business began to reach the global equestrian market, production of smaller bales began. Demonstrating their commitment to quality and safety, M&T Haylage gained accreditation to certify their products in 2019, growing 500 acres of specialist grass mixes. Sheep were introduced to graze the excess grass which maintained soil health.

With substantial growth and 600 acres of full range, high quality and consistent grass based product, came the desire to invest in sustainable technology. In 2020 the company created conservation areas to give local wildlife a helping hand.

Speaking to M&T Haylage, they told us first-hand about the growth of the company:

‘We are a family-run business, comprising of Stuart and Clare (Operations and Accounts), plus Michael and Tom (Sales and Operations). We currently employ a total of 7 members of staff, ranging in roles from field production, packing, marketing and logistics.

We currently ship our products to countries such as Malta, Malaysia and South Korea to name just a few. We provide competition and livery yards with a variety of products.

Much of our success is due to our flexibility in catering for all requirements, no yard is too big or too small.’ M&T are proud to state that all of their hay and haylage is home grown: ‘We can guarantee quality all year round. Our products range in nutritional qualities and benefits, designed to suit all levels of the equestrian world’, they emphasized.

Our relationship with M&T Haylage began back in October 2019 when they contacted us regarding their haylage products. We are now proud suppliers of M&T Haylage Complete and Haylage Low Energy as well as hay and straw (available in handy domestic-sized bags). Exclusively at our Corringham branch!


Contact the Corringham branch on: 01427 828 696

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