Posted on 4th December 2020

County Turf – Growing Turf calls for a growing fleet

County Turf is a family run business based in North Lincolnshire, growing over 2,500 acres of high-quality turf on some of the coarsest, free-draining, sand rootzone in the UK since 1995. Gaining themselves a reputation in the industry for supplying premium
quality turf and excellent customer service. Growing a number of different varieties of turf with different benefits and supplying sports stadiums, golf courses, architects, landscapers, and wholesalers. The turf travels all over the world and to some of the most recognised venues including:

• The Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
• Croke Park Stadium, Dublin
• Friends Arena, Sweden
• Leicester Tigers
• Lords Cricket ground, England
Vs South Africa Test (2012)

• London 2012 Olympic Park
• Forest Pines Bargold Golf Tee
• La Moye Golf Club, Jersey
• Skibo Castle Golf Club, Scotland

ll of this top-quality turf requires top quality machinery, County Turf themselves state:

'We are committed to ensuring that the turf we grow and supply is of the highest quality and we continually invest in the latest machinery and turf technology to ensure we remain at the forefront of the turf growing industry.'

County Turf first bought a tractor from Peacock & Binnington back in 2006, an MF 5460, this tractor was initially taken to the business on an extended demonstration for 3 months, the tractor proved to be reliable and would fit in to the needs of the business and so it stayed.

‘We have continued to change a number of tractors on a year on year basis, running the tractors to approximately 3 years or 4000 hours to which we now have a fleet of 15 in total.
We have ten Massey Ferguson 5712’s, a Massey Ferguson 4709, two Massey Ferguson Loaders, two Fendt tractors and a Bateman RB 17 Sprayer, all from Peacock & Binnington. We also run 2 MF 8043 Telehandlers. The tractors are a mixture of standard tractors, loader tractors and GPS RTK Guided tractors.

‘The tractors are mainly used for mowing and collecting grass cuttings, the two loader tractors are used to support the fertiliser spreading operation which is an integral part of
maintaining turf quality. In 2016 we purchased a Bateman RB17 self-propelled sprayer
which enabled us to cover the ground a lot quicker and free up a tractor that would have been used for fertilising.’ County Turf explained.

What you will notice about the images of these Massey Ferguson tractors is that they do not have the original agricultural tractor tyres, they have a much larger, wider andflatter tyre. During the Pre-delivery inspection (PDI) the new tractors have the agricultural tyres removed and are fitted with ultra-wide turf tyres so as not to damage the growing turf. The
agricultural tyres are then shrink wrapped on a pallet and are re-fitted to the tractors when they are traded in which allows us, here at P&B, to advertise the trade in tractors with brand new tyres.

County Turf believe that the service from all areas of P&B have helped them immensely with their decision-making processes in regards to machinery purchases:

'Working to tight schedules with a living product it is essential that the service and backup allows us to harvest and load to meet tight deadlines. This has always been an important part of our decision making when buying new machinery. The size of our fleet and the length of time we have been purchasing MF tractors on an annual basis speaks volumes of the service and parts back up we have received from Peacock and Binnington.'

Ian Hopper, Area Salesman for the Brigg branch territory has been dealing with County Turf from their very first tractor purchase back in 2006, we asked him how it has been
working alongside County Turf and watching their business grow, he said: ‘The diversity of the “Premium End Turf industry” is always interesting and very of often challenging
but above all I am pleased to have been a part of the growth and success of County Turf over the last 14 years with the support of the Massey Ferguson and our own P&B After Sales back up.’

We look forward to working alongside County Turf as their business grows even further in the coming years.