Posted on 7th December 2020

Doing Your Bit – Steve Dinsdale

Steve Dinsdale works in Goods Inwards at our Brigg branch, it’s a busy job, with loading deliveries to and from other branches, taking deliveries of parts and stocking them accordingly and much more. On top of that Steve volunteers in his own time as an Age UK Digital ambassador. Hear what he has to say about it here:

"It is a slow process from applying to actually making your first call. Thorough
checks have to be done and Covid slowed the process down a lot. Age UK is a charity close to my heart due to having elderly parents and I just wanted to give something back
to the community. I know how lonely it can be for some people and even more so in today’s uncertain society.

I applied back in January 2020 and having gone through all the checks and online exams I was given the title of Digital Ambassador in July 2020. I have a couple of people who I call every week, calls can last anywhere from 20 minutes up to an hour depending on what has
happened over the space of a week and what comes up in conversation. People are so grateful for someone to speak to and I can be the only person they speak to over
the space of a week. Volunteering with Age UK can be emotional but rewarding all at the same time. Calls are confidential and I have the full support and back up from the Age UK team. I would say if anyone has some time spare during the week it’s a great thing to get into."

How it works: 

1. Sign up and start your application online, complete references and online training,
pass an ID check and have an interview with the Age UK team.

2. Age UK will match you with a suitable older person based on your interests

3. Age UK will connect you with you telephone friend to begin your weekly