Posted on 6th September 2021

Fendt: The right fit for Pollybell farm

One Peacock & Binnington customer’s growing love for the Fendt brand means that the green machines have almost fully replaced a rival brand.

Pollybell farm, an organic farm with a holistic approach, currently covers 5,000 acres crossing the three county borders of Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire. This family-owned, diverse, organic farming business was established in 1985 with a conversion into organic production beginning in 1997.
Crops grown at Pollybell today include broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower which go to the major UK supermarkets, as well as wheat, spring beans and spring barley. Annually, the farm also hosts a flock of 2,000 sheep and usually finish with 5,500 lambs.

What makes Pollybell different to any other farm?, You may be thinking. Speaking to John, Director at Pollybell farm, he told us about ‘The Pollybell way’, a term coined by the business to reflect organic care and quality in everything that they do and produce:
"Whilst cereals, vegetables and livestock are at the core of our business we truly believe that by farming in a holistic manner we preserve and improve the land in which we farm for future generations. We work hard to become the best in our chosen areas and strive for excellence across the board through the ongoing commitment of our small team."

Such a busy, professional and efficient business calls for strong, reliable and comfortable machines. Pollybell became a Peacock & Binnington customer in 2017 when they contract hired a Fendt 1050 Vario. They now have a full fleet of Fendt machines to help out with the everyday grind, including: 1 x Fendt 942 Vario, 3x Fendt 718 Vario, 1 x Fendt 720 Vario and 2 x Fendt 516 Vario, one of which is equipped with front loader.
John let us in on how the machines help with the efficient running of Pollybell farm and why he left a rival brand of machinery to assemble the big green fleet:
"Our main fleet of tractors came up for renewal, as we tend to take all of our machines on a contract hire basis, which meant that we started to have a look at what else was out there for us.
The main specifications I was looking for was fuel efficiency, value for money and driver comfort. This was when I came across the Fendt machines, they have been performing well and the operators are pleased with them. We have definitely seen a saving on fuel and AdBlue usage.
I like the Fendt Connect app as it allows us to manage the fleet easily and we are currently trying to integrate the Fendt VarioDoc system which securely transfers files between machine and office."
The Fendt machines all have their own roles and primary uses on farm at Pollybell, the 942 Vario is used for most of the primary cultivations, the more compact 720 Vario completes the drilling and land work, 718s for planting and general work, vegetable work and irrigation by the 516 Vario and its identical counterpart with a loader is used by the livestock department.
John told us that he was happy that the machines were sourced from ourselves:
"We were very happy with the service from Peacock & Binnington, especially the prompt delivery of the tractors. We would recommend to others!"
There’s no question that Pollybell farm is going to keep growing and succeeding in everything that they do, we are sure that we will be supporting them with machinery and equipment for a long time to come. We wish them every success in the future.

For more information take a look at the Pollybell farm website: