2000T Stirred Grain Store

The building had to fit into the farm yard boundary to aid planning permission. This meant that all the drying equipment had to be housed internaly in the buildiing and at the door end to save noise at one end of the store as a residential house was situated there. The store comprises an extra bay for loading inside with a 10m apron. The fan house is built off a duct, all the controls need to be at grounf level so they can be seen and easily checked. the store has extraction fan in to keep air movement going over the crop. They work best if they are only run between 8:00am and 8:00pm and 50% of the time, so cutting down noise abatement on humidity drying.

Stirrer Bin Plant System

900 – 1000T Storage (Approx) – 2 Stirrer Silos and 1 Aeration Silo

Stirrer Bin Plant System

Approx 800T Storage system

Grain Storage System

4000T store made up of 3 areas of storage, 2 drying areas and 1 dry store area. The store has 2 axial fans, 1 modulating gas fired burner and 1 stirrer that uses a hoist and pulley system to swap the stirrer from side to side when necesary.

Continuous Flow Dryer

35 Tonne Continuous flow dryer, set up into existing store.