Posted on 4th March 2021

In My Shoes

We speak to Marcus Bourne about his 34 years at Peacock and Binnington. Marcus is now a director joining the existing board, whilst he is also Area Sales Representative for the Selby area. He started in May 1987 as an Apprentice Technician, although he did work the summer holidays in 1986 as an extra pair of hands in the workshop prior to going back to school for the final year. Here’s what he had to say:

On completing my apprenticeship in the workshop at Louth, I took the step into parts as a parts person for two years before taking the position of Parts Manager that I held until 2000 when an opportunity came in sales covering the area south of the Louth Depot.

I held this position until 2005 when P&B expanded the area into Yorkshire. At this time, I took the opportunity as Branch Sales Manager for Selby. This involved relocating from Louth to Pocklington in East Yorkshire.


Tell us about a day in your shoes?

‘As a branch Sales Manager I have my own customer accounts and support all other sales; from Selby, as well as planning deliveries and marketing used machines to relating to the branch.’

So how does your day usually go?

‘Normally I will get up at 6am, get dressed and take Tilly, my dog, for her morning walk for about a mile before breakfast, which usually consists of cereal and fruit.

I leave for work around 7.20 for the 21-mile drive to Selby. I like this as it gives me time to think and plan the day ahead.

Occasionally internal phone calls are made but I don’t tend to call a customer before 8am.

My first job usually involves having a look around the yard to see if anything has come in or something needs sorting and have a catch up with the service department.

When back in the office I quickly review the list of tasks & emails before looking at the diary for the first appointment of the day.

Work has been a rollercoaster year working out how to be as effective working remotely.

Home-wise I took the opportunity to utilise the ‘stay at home’ message by doing a lot of decorating and work in the garden.

Considering the pandemic and how it has affected my home and work life, I would definitely say that the novelty has certainly worn off.

I’m really looking forward to going into a pub, standing at the bar and having a good conversation without all the restrictions we are now facing.

Work-wise it is incredibly difficult as I believe the best way is always to be in front of the customer to build relationships, promote the business and of course sell machines.

When it gets to lunch time, my biggest issue is not bringing my lunch with me as I tend to end up buying rubbish which doesn’t help the waistline.

I tend to bring a sandwich, salad or soup depending on the season.

When it comes to organising my workload. I plan my week on a Friday or Saturday for the next week with appointments in the morning and afternoon.

These might not be fixed but without a plan, things would not happen. These appointments are confirmed with the customer prior to the visit.

I managed to get away from the paper diary and onto an electronic version a couple of years ago which has been a great help.’


What do you do to unwind when you arrive home from work?

‘About twenty years ago I started to run to keep weight off and get fitter.

Having joined Pocklington Runners when I first moved to Yorkshire as a way to get to know people outside of work, I soon realised that it was also a really good way for me to wind down at the end of a day.

It snowballed from there really, so now I tend to run 3-4 times covering about 30 miles per week.

I do the occasional marathon and even the odd ultra-marathon but usually it’s a few miles in the Yorkshire Wolds with the dog.

My wife and I also like to spend time in our garden in the summer when the weather lets us.’