Posted on 7th December 2020

It’s all about Fendt

1930: With the Dieselross, the first European 6 hp small tractor, featuring mower and mounted plough, Fendt entered into a period of growth.

1953: The 12 hp Fendt tool carrier with four mounting areas is presented for the first time.

1959: Fendt received the highest award of the German Agricultural Society for its ingenious one-man system.

1976: New standards for high horsepower tractors: The Favorit LS range with comfort cab, six-cylinder engines (85 to 150 hp).

1980: The 300 Farmer range defined a new tractor trend: 40 km/h, four-wheel braking system, Turbomatic and comfort cab with rubber bearings.

1995: World première at the Agritechnica: the 926 Vario, the world’s first high-horsepower tractor with stepless Vario transmission.

2010: The first Fendt Efficient Technology models are introduced at the Fendt Field Day in Wadenbrunn: the new 800 Vario and the 900 Vario with up to 390 hp. Moreover, the
Fendt forage harvester is presented for the first time.

2019: Fendt goes to South America
• Arrival in Brazil with big machines
• The new Fendt 900 Vario
• Fendt launches first telehandler

A lot has changed for the big brand name now known around the world; we spoke to our Fendt brand manager Chris Batcheler to find out why he thinks Fendt tractors really are
revolutionary machines:

Chris Batcheler has been a part of the P&B Team for the past 15 years, he started off working Saturdays and followed on to do an apprenticeship with us. He then qualified as a
Technician and moved on to be one of the first P&B sales support. Later moving on to be Valtra Sales Specialist and then in January 2019 went on to become the Fent Brand

Chris looks after the stocking of all Fendt branded equipment and the pricing of machines. Coordinating the demo fleet as well as liaising with Sales and Service to solve any issues they may have. Chris manages all Fendt products ranging from tractors, crawlers, sprayers and grass equipment and provides product advice to our customers.

We asked Chris to give us his top 3 Fendt machines, here’s what he said:

‘One has got to be the Rogator, I have had a lot of input and involvement from the first instance, from fixing, demonstrating, and selling them under the Fendt brand name, I have seen them come through the worst times in the sprayer market in terms of reliability but what outweighed the reliability was the product as a whole and the back up through Challenger and into Fendt.

The Fendt MT 900 Crawler also makes my list. The Fendt tracked tractor is in a class of its own due to its challenger roots and twin tracked tractor design as well
as the warranty offering, the in-field performance, and Vario transmission.

The Generation 6 900 series is great. We have been running a 942 and 936 as demonstrators this year. The new Vario drive transmission coupled with the MAN
engine with the Fendt ID concept, low revving, and high torque has really exceeded expectations for the size weight, and power of the tractor. We look forward to
following the demonstrations up with sales up into the Autumn.’

‘Throughout the demonstration seasons, we try and run a model of each in its class, from 300 Series to 1000 Series. We have also run three 900 series MT crawlers for the volume of demonstrations that we had to get round. In terms of Grass Equipment, we have run a large square baler, round baler, a mower, a tedder and a rake.

We really feel the customers need to be able to get a feel of the machine to be able to commit to any product, we have our own Fendt sales support, Ben Garnett who runs this side of things. Ben has been part of the dedicated Fendt team for two years doing successful demonstrations, customer installs, and training.’

For any more information on any of the Fendt products we offer, please get in touch with Chris Batcheler: 07584 631 399