Posted on 7th December 2020

Laurel Vines Vineyard

When talking about tractors you probably always think about the huge horsepower machines such as the MF 7700 S or the Fendt 900 Vario range. That’s because we are in an area where the local businesses use those types of machines for their strength, for ploughing, baling, loading and much more. But what about those smaller machines, ones used for lighter duties? Here at P&B we can find a machine to suit your business needs, just like we did for Laurel Vines Vineyard & Winery…

Laurel Vines is a vineyard and wine maker creating quality English wine, based in Aike, East Yorkshire. ‘Wines that are quality wines but with a down to earth feel about them’.

“A vineyard in Yorkshire, this was always going to be a challenge”

but Ian Sargent and his family were determined to create something really successful. Starting off in 2011 by planting 2000 vines they produced over 600 bottles of wine, which
ultimately sold out and as the demand grew, they got to planting more vines. This year they have 12,500 vines on the land, creating a gobsmacking 16 – 20,000 bottles per year.
Laurel Vines is a family business, A team effort with volunteers harvesting the crop and Ian making the wine, his wife Ann, daughter Rebekah, Jonathan, and Adrian, a family friend, all work at the vineyard too!

Grape growing is a rigorous process, the vines are planted and take approximately 3 years depending on the weather conditions to get to a point where they are ready for a first
harvest, but it is not until year 5 do the vines start to reach their true potential. The family welcome volunteers to help pick the grapes at Harvest and then treat them with a
sumptuous meal and wine as a thank you. The grapes are then taken to the on-site winery where owner, Ian Sargent, makes them into wine – mainly red, white and rose, and, in the not too distant future, Sparkling!

The Yorkshire based Vineyard was awarded Winemaker & Grower of the Year 2018, which was a huge pat on the back to the family. As demand grew, they enquired at P&B Halsham
(Formerly Northfield) for a small tractor that could easily fit between the vine rows for mowing, trimming, de-leafing and collection of grapes in harvest.
‘We enquired about a small machine, we sat and talked with the sales team for hours to determine the right specification of machine for our business needs. The team also liaised with Massey Ferguson to ensure the machine would be efficient
enough to sow the crop.’ Ian decided on the Massey Ferguson 3707S Efficient Vineyard
Tractor, with 40KPH transmission, 12 x 12 power shuttle and speed shift, 120L/min Hydraulic pump, vented and heated cab and so much more. Choosing to add a front and back loader meant that Ian and his family could use the front loader for trimming and mowing and the back for fertilising.

This tractor is available as either Essential or Efficient, Essential offers an entry-level package available on both ROPS and cab tractors, ideal for purchasers working to a tight
budget or requiring a more basic tractor, with mechanical transmission and mechanical linkage. Massey Ferguson describe the efficient model as having ‘Efficient drive-lines,
advanced compliance with the Stage 3B emissions standard, low fuel consumption, long service intervals, impressive traction and lifting capacities together with low maintenance
costs’ – making your business even more profitable.

The efficiency of the machine was key for Laurel Vines as the business prides themselves on being as sustainable as they can be and ultimately producing a wine in which the carbon
footprint is minuscule.

‘The Massey is narrow, so it fits down our rows perfectly. As you usually see on movies, vineyards are manicured to perfection, to get this look, the tractor pulls the flail mower and mounted trimmer/ leaf stripper. This trims the top of the vine as it goes down the row. Stripping the leaves ensures that we can see the fruit easily when it is ready to pick as well as allowing the grape to absorb more sunlight. The backup has been brilliant, the salesmen popped in to make sure everything was ok with the machine and they showed us the ins and outs of the loader which was great.’

As demand for this Yorkshire wine expands further, Ian and his family will look to add to their fleet: ‘In future we will be looking at another one of these machines, one could spray and one could collect grass trimmings to help us further.’ Ian explained.

We look forward to working with Laurel vines again and wish them a successful future with their business. Don’t forget to check out their website for a range of wines online at: