The LEMKEN family business is an internationally leading specialist supplier for professional arable farming. Comprising of powerful, versatile, high-quality technology for soil cultivaion, sowing and crop protection. Take a look at the wide range of products, if you need more information, please contact your local salesman who can help advise you on the right peice of equipment for your farming needs.

Soil Cultivation

Mounted Ploughs

Get the best of your ploughing with Lemken Mounted Ploughs


The Juwel generation of mounted reversible ploughs combines reliability of use, operating comfort and high work quality in an unrivalled manner.
The TurnControl rotation control makes plough rotation particularly safe, and the large clearance between the support wheel and ground additionally contributes to safety.


The mounted EurOpal ploughs with two to seven furrows stand out through their excellent stability and low weight. They are easy to tow and therefore extremely economical to use.


The VariOpal optimally meets all requirements for ploughing in arable farming. After all, good ploughing depends substantially on the cutting width and working depth of the individual plough bodies.

Semi -Mounted Ploughs

Plough with ease and efficiency with Lemken Semi -Mounted Ploughs

Diamant 16

With over 4000 models sold, the Diamant 11 has been the stand-out performer among the range of large LEMKEN ploughs – reason enough for LEMKEN, the plough specialist, to make its successor, Diamant 16, even better in terms of fuel consumption and operating comfort. As a result, OptiLine now provides the first and to date only adjustment system for this type of plough design to prevent lateral pull during ploughing


The increasing traction produced by modern tractors places particularly high demands on plough stability when combined with large working widths. With a bolted frame and high-quality fine-grained steels, the EuroTitan ploughs with nine to twelve furrows are designed for very high continuous loads.


Varying soil and weather conditions call for an easy-to-operate cutting width adjustment, which makes a significant contribution to arable farming that is both environmentally friendly and economic. The VariTitan is available in versions with nine to twelve furrows and working widths of up to 660 cm for maximum acreage performance.

Integrated Packers

Our integrated furrow presses are permanently attached to the plough and ensure optimal reconsolidation.

Fixpack Furrow Press

The integrated FixPack furrow press remains permanently attached to the plough, even during road transport and at the headlands. The furrow press therefore does not need to be transported separately. The LEMKEN FixPack can be used with mounted reversible ploughs with three, four and five furrows and up to 2.50 metres working width.

Flexpack Furrow Press

Increasing farm sizes have resulted in distances to the fields becoming ever larger. Furrow presses that are permanently attached to the plough present a practical, time-saving solution in these scenarios, as they do not need to be transported separately. The integrated FlexPack furrow press can additionally be adapted to variable working widths in mounted ploughs.

Furrow Presses

High efficacy in any soil


LEMKEN’s VarioPack offers the right solution for good reconsolidation in any conditions of operation: as flexible or front-mounted single- or double-row furrow press, with 700 mm or 900 mm ring diameter, and with a 30° or 45° ring profile.

Power Harrows

The rotary harrows from the Zirkon range are optimally designed for maximum continuous loads. For perfect seedbed preparation in both conventional and conservation tillage – in all types of soils!

Zirkon 8

The Zirkon 8 power harrow is designed for tractors with 60 to 175 HP. A wide range of accessories allow this rotary harrow to be adapted to any conditions of operation.

Zirkon 12

LEMKEN’s Zirkon 12 rotary harrow is designed for maximum continuous loads for both conventional and conservation tillage. The active tools of the Zirkon 12 produce an intensive mixing and crumbling effect to about 15 cm working depth and thus prepare an optimal seedbed in virtually any soil conditions. The intensity of cultivation can be precisely controlled via the forward travel speed, the PTO speed and the rotary harrow gearbox.

Compact Disc Harrows

Our comprehensive range of compact disc harrows positions our customers ideally for both conventional and mulch seeding approaches.


The Heliodor compact disc harrow can be used for both shallow stubble cultivation in light and medium soils and for seedbed preparation for mulch seeding or after ploughing, making the Heliodor a versatile compact disc harrow for conventional and mulch seeding. High speeds of work with low power requirements result in efficient cultivation.

Rubin 10

The Rubin 10 sets new standards in the field of compact disc harrows and offers a wide range of improvements. Even under difficult conditions, the Rubin 10 ensures intensive and homogeneous mixing of organic matter and soil up to a working depth of approx. 14 cm.  This allows it to significantly reduce moisture losses due to evaporation.

Rubin 12

With the Rubin 12, LEMKEN’s range of compact disc harrows includes an implement that can operate at the same 20 cm working depth as a cultivator. The Rubin 12 is therefore suitable both for stubble cultivation and for primary soil tillage, even in very heavy soil conditions.


The Kristall and Karat cultivators produce optimal results in stubble cultivation and can also be used for seedbed preparation for mulch seeding.

Karat 9

 The Karat intensive cultivator is suited for both the first, shallow stubble cultivation across the full surface after combine harvesting and for subsequent, deeper passes with intensive mixing, or for seedbed preparation for mulch seeding.

Kristall 9

The Kristall compact cultivator, which combines the advantages of a twin-beam implement with the strengths of a triple- or multi-beam cultivator, is designed for optimal quality of work in stubble cultivation.

Stubble Cultivation

A single carrier for any use


The two system carriers, Gigant 10 and Gigant 12, offer the unique possibility to use different LEMKEN implements with a single carriage efficiently in the field. Both system carriers have two hydraulic three-point linkages for mounting a Heliodor or Rubin compact disc harrow, a Smaragd disc cultivator or a System-Kompaktor seedbed combination, depending on the work to be done.


Mechanical Seed Drills

The mechanical seed drills from the Saphir range make reliable, high-efficiency seed drill technology accessible to small and medium-sized farms.


The mechanical seed drills from the Saphir range make reliable, high-efficiency seed drill technology accessible to small and medium-sized farms. The Saphir can be combined with various implements, including the Zirkon rotary harrow, for universal applications.

Pneumatic Seed Drills

The pneumatic seed drills from the Solitair range offer precision and efficiency and meet a wide range of needs


Whether working with conventional or conservation tillage, whether running small, medium-sized or large farms with extensive fields – the pneumatic seed drills from the Solitair range always offer high precision and efficiency. They are available in various models to meet a wide range of requirements for optimal sowing.

Seeding Combinations

The pneumatic seed drills from the Solitair range offer precision and efficiency and meet a wide range of needs

Compact Solitair

Whether in conventional or conservation tillage: a drill combination from the Compact-Solitair range is always a good choice. These implements offer not only high precision and efficacy, but are also available in a wide range of models and thus ensure also optimal reconsolidation in any type of soil!

Precision Drill

The Azurit 9 precision seed drill from LEMKEN impresses with its innovative DeltaRow method for precision drilling. The placement of the grains in two offset rows gives the plants a significantly greater surface area than with conventional methods

Azurit 9

LEMKEN, an innovative manufacturer of sowing technology, has recently entered the single-seed drilling segment with its DeltaRow technology – an innovative approach to single-seed drilling. DeltaRow is essentially about maximising the surface area that is available to plants on the field, as it provides improved access to light, air and nutrients for increased yields. The Azurit 9 precision seed drill from LEMKEN impresses with its innovative DeltaRow method for precision drilling. The placement of the grains in two offset rows gives the plants a significantly greater surface area than with conventional methods

Solitair 12 SW

LEMKEN offers the Solitair 12 SW seed trailer for holding fertiliser when working with the Azurit single-seed drill on large farms. The hopper has a capacity of 5,800 litres, allowing daily acreage performances of up to 60 hectares.

Sowing Catch Crops

SeedHub for Sowing Catch Crops


With its SeedHub, LEMKEN offers a catch crop seed drill that can be combined with various tillage implements. This allows catch crops to be sown during stubble cultivation to save working time and costs.

Crop Care

Mounted Field Sprayers



The Sirius field sprayer offers a high capacity for the larger farmer or contractor. A close-coupled design means large tank volumes can be used in a mounted format. In this way, Sirius combines the output of a trailed machine, with the convenience of a mounted machine.

Trailed Field Sprayers

Greater efficiency on the field

Our range of trailed field sprayers offers professional crop protection for any needs:

The Primus is the good value entry-level model with all essential basic functions, while the Albatros is a professional-level trailed field sprayer that is available in a wide range of models to meet even the most demanding requirements with ease.

The sophisticated design details of the Vega support a superior level of crop protection.


The LEMKEN Primus with tank sizes of 2,400 to 4,400 litres delivers high quality in all assemblies with a clear focus on the essential spraying functions. This sprayer combines professional crop care with maximum cost effectiveness.




A high standard specification, and many options, makes the Albatros first choice for the world’s largest and most professional users. Whether you require a large but simple sprayer, or a highly sophisticated machine which adopts the latest in sprayer technology. Albatros can be configured to meet your needs.


The carefully considered design of the Vega meets even the most demanding crop protection requirements.

Front Tank

Up to 1,100 litres greater tank volume


The combination of the Sirius and the Gemini front tank allows you to increase your field sprayer’s capacity by up to 1,100 litres, converting your tractor instantly into a compact, agile self-propelled unit with greater capacity.

Fertiliser Spreaders

Fertilisation accounts for about a third of the operating costs in arable farming. The new Spica, Tauri and Polaris fertiliser spreaders make your work easy and help you minimise losses while increasing both efficacy and precision!


With working widths of up to 50 metres and tank volumes of up to 4,000 litres as well as sophisticated technology such as the EPSILON spreader vane system or the GPS-supported ECONOV section control, the POLARIS is in a league of its own.


The Tauri 8 impresses with a large loading volume of up to 3,000 litres. This implement delivers higher fertilising efficacy through large working widths of up to 36 metres in addition to a greater tank capacity. Equipment such as the weighing system, width section control and ISOBUS preparation make fertilising with the Tauri 12 not only highly precise but also very comfortable!


With tank volumes from 900 to 2,100 litres and working widths of up to 24 metres, the Spica is ideal for smaller businesses, above all. This implement was designed for making the handling of your fertiliser spreader as easy as possible. This goal was achieved through and through! Mounting, filling, adjusting – it only takes a few steps before you’re all set to work on your fields.