Chafer Machinery, incorporating Horstine Farmery build strong, technologically advanced and simple to operate spraying equipment. Custom built for each individual, Chafer crop sprayers offer outstanding performance and productivity. Their range of trailed, demountable and self-propelled crop sprayers together with accurate equipment for the application of granular fertiliser and seeds offer something for every farmer or contractor aiming to improve their spraying efficiency.

With over 100 years of experience in the application of liquids and with the use of leading technology they are able to provide the standard of machines required in today’s modern farming practices.


The ability to be able to call upon the vast experience within Chafer is key to being able to fulfil our customers’ needs with the benefit of knowing we are providing highly reliable machines. With direct and very local access to Chafers support team and engineers, only strengthens our position further and gives the customer confidence that we can provide an efficient and reliable service after the point of sale and for years to come.

For more information on the range of Chafer & Horstine Products please contact your local Areas Sales Person for more details.

Chafer Product Range


Chafer trailed sprayers are renowned for excellent build quality, outstanding accuracy and market leading residual values, making them the perfect choice for the business minded farmer.


Chafer self propelled and demountable sprayers provide maximum output and manoeuvrability. Utilising the best chassis’ on the market, output and accuracy are assured.


The accurate application of liquid fertilisers during establishment is driven by a desire to increase yields whilst also reducing inputs. Placement of fertiliser in both vegetable and cereal crops is something Chafer has been doing for decades, so we are perfectly placed to provide the equipment you require.