Slurry Tankers


As its name says, it is in the mountains that these vehicles feel at home. The Alpina2 slurry tanker can be fitted with the special mountain emptying system (or have the pre-equipment for an assembly afterwards), which makes it a multi-functional vehicle, whatever the direction of the slope. It can also be equipped with the GARDA spreading system.


The MODULO2 slurry tanker is available as single axle with a capacity from 2,500 to 11,000 l and as double-axle from 8,400 to 18,000 l. The tank is laid down on and welded on an integral cradle (on its width and length) on which the traction strains are focused. The double-axle MODULO2 slurry tanker is fitted with a boggie running gear.


The COBRA spreader is a compact high-capacity single-axle tanker specially designed to work in the fields. Suited to be mounted with low-pressure tyres (up to Ø 1.86 m and 1.05 m wide) and wheel recessing in order not to exceed 3 m, the COBRA slurry spreader can be fitted with a very compact linkage that perfectly takes up the form of the chassis and reduces in this way the overhang. It is fastened to the chassis by conical axes ensuring an optimal support.


Ideal for humid grounds, the Tetrax2 slurry tanker is welded on its whole length to a self-supporting structure, which allows to have a tanker with traction ease focusing the strains on the integrated chassis.


Volumetra: a multi-functional and compact slurry spreader. Its self-supporting tubular structure (integrated chassis) ensures a very low center of gravity and a very manoeuvrable machine, even with very wide tyres. The international professional press recognized the merits of this tanker by awarding it the title of machine of the year 2017 at the SIMA (Paris).


The Quadra slurry tanker is a double-axle vehicle that is perfectly suited for intensive slurry spreading and transport works. The chassis is standard fitted with integrated anchoring points, in order to easily mount a possible linkage. The QUADRA slurry tanker is also standard fitted with a Hydro-Tandem running gear ensuring an optimal driving stability. as well as an unmatched driving comfort.


The X-TREM slurry spreader is the ideal vehicle for contractors who wish a machine with a small length, a large tank diameter and tyres up to Ø 1.82 m (e.g. 800/65R32). The chassis, which is 760 mm wide at the level of the running gear, allows to fit wide wheels. (≤ 850 mm), without reducing the large steering angle of the rear axle. Hydropneumatic drawbar, self steering system, Hydro-Tandem and pre-equipment for wide boom are only a part of the equipment that makes of this slurry spreader the ideal tool for the most arduous works.


The independent supporting structure is made up of a Universal chassis (300 x 100 x 10 mm) leaning against the tank. The EUROLINER slurry spreaders are designed to be practical both on roads and in the fields. In this respect, this slurry spreaders have an extensive standard equipment aiming at a high safety and driving comfort level, like a double forced steering axle that provides an outstanding driveability and a surprising agility in the field.


The TETRALINER slurry tanker allows to transport high volumes from the farm to the field in order to supply your spreading tankers.

Spreading Implements

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Muck Spreaders


he JOSKIN Siroko muck spreader with lowered galvanized body is remarkable in many ways: its innovative design makes maintenance much easier. The cross-suspension hitching and the large dimensions of the wheels provide it with an excellent stability both when working and on the road. Its body in HLE 550 high tensile steel is made up of successive foldings and has a rectangular upper strip. The side walls of 850 mm, 1,090 mm, or 1,340 mm high offer a load capacity from 5 m³ to 14.17 m³. According to the product, the two beaters with folded spirals split and spread from 7 to 10 m away per row.


The Tornado3 muck spreader is also a spreader with lowered narrow body in HLE steel and wheels with a large diameter as well. Its high capacities and sturdiness are ensured by its body made up of successive folds and by a side reinforcing post. This body with a height of, 1,130 mm to 1,570 mm (offers load volumes from 8,6 to 25,8 m³ according to the model. The beaters with folded spirals spread evenly on a width from 7 to 16 m per row, depending on the product.


The new JOSKIN Ferti-CAP muck spreader with wide monocoque body in HLE 550 steel of 810 mm high spreads on a wide surface. With its capacities from 6.91 to 13.97 m³, it is very multi-functional in spreading and transport of various materials. According to the product, the large diameter of the vertical beaters with folded spirals allow to spread on a width from 8 to 12 m per row. The beaters can easily be removed to convert the Ferti-CAP into a harvest trailer (silage and others).


The Ferti-SPACE muck spreader has a wide monocoque body in HLE steel, 1.050 mm or 1.350 mm high, offering a large spreading width. With its strong design and its capacities from 12 to 28 m³, it is a multi-functional machine for intensive use. The large diameter of the vertical beaters with folded spirals, allows the Ferti-SPACE muck spreader to spread on a width from 8 to 16 m per row, depending on the product.

Tornado3 Horizon

The inside of the body measures respectively 5.5 m and 6 m long. The Horizon swinging scatterer is made up of two horizontal beaters with Ø 600mm of diameter (rotation: 300 rpm) and two wide spreading discs (Ø 1,100 mm) with 3 blades ensure an optimal spreading pattern (rotation: 425 rpm).

Ferti-Space2 Horizon

The Ferti-SPACE HORIZON spreader with spreading table is designed to spread different products (cattle manure, compost, organic wastes, lime, poultry manure, etc.) on large widths. The horizontal beaters and the spreading table allow to spread evenly, even with a low flow. The ISOBUS applications (through the FC4000 terminal) allow a highly precise spreading.


Silo-Space 2

The Silo-SPACE looks like a new man. This new version, which includes all strong points (running gear, moving floor, air brakes, etc.) that contributed until now to its success, pushes the boundaries regarding loading capacity and manoeuvrability. The Silo-SPACE 2 is made up of a tapered body with moving floor ensuring a fluid and fast unloading. Its special feature lies in the high loading capacity: up to 59 m³ with a dome. Designed on a particularly sturdy basis, the silage trailer is fitted with a JOSKIN hydraulic suspension, which makes it very stable and comfortable to drive, both in the fields and on the road.


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