Kuhn Farm Machinery

Peacock & Binnington and Kuhn have held a long and established working relationship with both companies sharing the same ethos and beliefs. “The future of farming lies in the competitiveness and profitability.”

The Kuhn range with their advanced features and versatility offer a wide range of products from Grass and Livestock to Soil Cultivation, from Landscape Maintenance to Precision Drilling. Not forgetting Fertiliser Application and Chemical Spraying.

Making Kuhn a market leader in innovation and technology.


For more information on the range of Kuhn Farm Machinery or to arrange a demo, please contact your local Area Salesperson or contact head office on 01652 600200.

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Kuhn Product Range


KUHN ploughs are designed to help preserve the agronomic value of soil and to increase crop productivity. KUHN ploughs have large working widths and excellent manoeuvrability which enable running costs to be reduced. They also include the latest innovations, so that they last longer and have lower maintenance costs.


The physical, chemical and biological condition of soil can have a significant impact on farm income by affecting crop yields. This is why KUHN soil preparation tools help you get the most out of your soil. This may involve restructuring, stubble ploughing with tined tools and/or discs and preparing the seed bed before seeding operations.


Crop yield potential is heavily dependent on seeding efficiency and effectiveness. KUHN seed drills ensure a perfect seeding operation with or without tilling.


Farm profitability is dependent on a multitude of input and running costs. Fertiliser costs can play a major part in terms of profitability and there is often a huge potential for cost savings to be achieved by optimising the method through which these fertilisers are applied. KUHN fertiliser spreaders offer long machine life and high spreading power, and can improve farm profitability by ensuring the efficient and effective spreading of fertiliser.


KUHN sprayers are fitted with the most advanced technologies and ensure efficient application of optimum quality. They are equipped with a piston diaphragm pump that ensures precision and reliability. Their manual, electric and electronic controls provide an application of great precision. The tanks are made of highly resistant polyethylene with ultraviolet stabiliser.


The KUHN range of equipment for landscape and roadside maintenance consists of verge equipment (shredders and verge mowers) and brush cutters that are designed to accept different shredder heads. KUHN’s landscape maintenance equipment guarantees good quality work at high working speeds and all models are designed to ensure the satisfaction of farmers, landscape professionals and local authorities.


Crop residues can enhance soil condition as long as they are Shredded efficiently and effectively. Every KUHN shredder is designed to meet the exacting requirements of modern farming regimes: fine shredding with good distribution of residues, and intensive work performed in absolute safety. KUHN horizontal-shaft shredders are renowned for their versatility and uniform work rates. KUHN vertical-shaft shredders are known for their cutting quality on pasture refuse as well as for landscape-maintenance – no matter what type of plant residues are involved.


KUHN has been the unrivalled leader in hay-making equipment for more than 40 years. Its mowing machines and tedders are world famous for their quality of work, performance, reliability and longevity. Harvesting high quality fodder and return on investment are core issues and therefore provide the focus for KUHN’s innovations. KUHN also offers a range of reliable products for harvesting hay, silage and wrapped bales.


KUHN balers are dedicated to their purpose; Field performance, bale quality and bale density are fundamental to the profitability of every baling operation. The unique features and innovations on the KUHN balers make a real difference in field performance. The Large Square Balers produce rock hard and well shaped bales due to INTEGRAL ROTOR technology, POWER DENSITY pre-chamber and TWIN-STEP® knotting. On the other hand POWERTRACK on the fixed chamber balers and PROGRESSIVE DENSITY on the variable chamber balers is also reliable and proven technology. The addition of INTELLIWRAP™ on the BALEPACK models is giving the ultimate flexibility and an optimised wrapping process. The i-BIO is a very compact and light weight bale-and-wrap combination; extreme suitable for hilly conditions. In summary KUHN offers the most efficient and versatile range of balers available for the market to suit your demands.


Crucial part of the silage making process is wrapping the bale for storage. By wrapping the bale nutrient loss is prevented and as a result maximum nutrient value is secured for your cattle after storage time. But various conditions ask for various solutions, therefore offers KUHN the most complete and versatile range of individual wrappers available for the market. Starting with stationary round bale wrappers up to trailed large square bale wrappers used by contractors. Thanks to several unique features KUHN wrappers make a real difference in storing a quality crop.


KUHN has a wide range of livestock bedding and feeding machines designed for all types of livestock management. These machines are available in capacities from 2.3 to 45 m3, and are ideal for all sizes of herds.


The KUHN group is the world-wide leader in manure spreaders. KUHN offers a full range of Rear Discharge and Side-Discharge spreaders. From slurry to pen pack or anything in-between KUHN has a spreader to fit virtually every customer’s needs. The EasySpread Box Spreader is an economical unit designed for smaller livestock operations to haul and spread solid manure.