Posted on 6th September 2021

ME & MY TEAM – With Jonathan Stanser, Parts Supervisor at Corringham

A slightly different take on the article this month, as instead of writing about the team I support, I am going to write about a team that I play for. Also varying from the usual football theme, we are making the transition to the cricket field!

Scunthorpe Town Cricket Club, based at Heslam Park, are made up of 4 adult teams along with a thriving junior section.
Cricket has been a big passion of mine from being very young. It started by following on in my father’s footsteps – he played for the local team when he was younger and has always been a big supporter of Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club and regularly took me to watch them play.
I love the fact that cricket is simultaneously both an individual and a team game – there are always one on one situations between batsman and bowler and rivalries, little battles can develop, but that is then coupled with the wider aspect of the whole team needing to work together and support each other to win the game.

I have played cricket for a few clubs over the years - the majority of my career was with Haxey CC and this is where
I achieved the highest level of achievement winning the Lincolnshire Premier League. (I now only find myself playing occasionally and when my body allows).
I also spend a lot of time watching my 2 young (8 & 10 year old) boys playing for both the Under 11 and Under 13 teams, the brilliant junior setup at Scunthorpe is the main reason why I now call this club home. With dedicated coaches and fantastic training facilities, the club really is investing in the future of the sport.

I will never forget my boys’ first matches – watching them take to the field in their whites with the family name on the back of their clothing, really was a special moment for me, one I will never forget.

Now the cricket is in full swing, the atmosphere at Heslam is really starting to hot up – although this may also be explained by the bar and social club now being fully re-open to the public! I really don’t know how the professional cricketers perform in front of the large rowdy crowds, 3 guys from Scunthorpe shouting at me when I’ve played an ‘iffy’ shot is bad enough for me!
Most of the junior leagues have now come to completion, the U15s and U13s teams being crowned champions, and the U11s just missing out on making it a full house!

This may sound a bit strange as it is a fair way off yet, but the one game I am most looking forward to is the first game I get to take to the field with both my boys alongside me. I am hopeful that I can keep my body together for the next 5 or 6 years and keep fit enough to achieve this.