Posted on 7th December 2020

STIHLing the show

What made you want to create the Captain Tom sculpture?

We were approached by a lady called Hannah who’d set up a “clap for Captain Tom” Facebook page, which was created to raise money for the Captain Tom Moore fund. She asked us if we would get involved with a carving of some sort… so we thought… Go Xtreme or Go home!

How long did the carving take from start to finish?

The carving took 110 Hours in total!

Tell us about the scope and size of the sculpture…

The sculpture is a life-size replica of the now Colonel Tom Moore. And has been carved from a single piece of Ash weighing approximately half a tonne! It’s quite fitting actually
as the Ash tree that was felled for this lump was actually used as a shelter during World War II, as soldiers rested under it on their way to the coast. Local farmer Alistair Needham
generously donated it. The most challenging part of the project was definitely the details like veins, fingernails, hair etc…

What kind of tools did you use?

I used, Stihl MS391 20” bar, Stihl MS261 16” bar and 2 x Stihl MS151T 10”. Peacock & Binnington Louth branch kindly donated to us chain oil, 2 stroke & spare chains throughout the carving.
You can actually see a Peacock & Binnington banner in one of the images, this came about a few years back when P&B sponsored Xtreme Chainsaw. I was kindly gifted a Stihl
chainsaw and in return, we would display the P&B banner at all of our shows to show that we were working together. Stihl chainsaws are the only saws we will use. They’re reliable
and have an extremely good build quality. We have been offered other brands in the past and they’re just not up to the job. All of our Stihl products are purchased through Mark at
P&B Louth, which is our local branch.

How many people were following this on social media, how much money did you raise in total?

On our Facebook page Xtreme Chainsaw we have around 7,500 followers however, our posts and pictures were shared across many national newspapers and radio stations. We’ve
also appeared on a couple of 6 pm news channels on national television. This would mean the carving has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times! We also gave daily live video
updates which later became known as “Tales from the Marsh”. The story was also followed by our local Co-Op who donated me Lion bars and Latte coffee pods to keep me going! In total, we raised a whopping £7138.66.

Where is the captain Tom sculpture now?

Currently, the sculpture is displayed in our home garden. A gentleman from Louth won the sculpture but didn’t intend on winning, he mainly did it to donate to good causes so he
donated it back to Xtreme Chainsaw after coming out and seeing it in the flesh for photos etc… When the world returns to a more “normal world” we intend on touring the sculpture
around Hospitals and public parks etc… We need to get this sculpture of this amazing man seen!

Will you be doing anything like this in future?

We do something for charity most years whether that be a carving or giving something to charity, so the Colonel Tom Moore sculpture is not out of the ordinary for us as we
specialise in life-size carvings, whether that be an owl, dog, bear, etc…

Myself and Adele would like to thank everybody that got involved in the project, whether it be donations of supplies or a simple raffle ticket it all makes a huge difference and we are
so grateful that we were given the opportunity to take part in such a rewarding experience.