Posted on 13th January 2022

Time to Talk – With Samantha Braithwaite, Fixed Installations Administrator

In this edition of Time to Talk, we get to know our Fixed Installations Administrator, Samantha Braithwaite, a little better!

What is your role at P&B and what are some of your duties?
I am the Fixed Installations Administrator and I have lots of duties such as doing timesheets, ordering parts and invoicing. I am always busy in my role which I enjoy.

Do you have any hobbies/interests outside of work?
I am always on the go even when I’m not at work, as I have a 14-year-old son who loves football, so I often spend my weekends taking him to games and watching him play. I love to spend my free-time going to see my family in Cleethorpes, where I grew up.

What’s been a highlight for you whilst working here?
I joined P&B at the start of September, so I have not been here a very long time, but a highlight so far was the depot tour during my first week. It was great to meet everyone at all of the P&B branches and it made me feel very welcome, and helped me to understand more about the company.

Where is your favourite holiday location?
Venice was my favourite holiday. I went a couple of years ago with my partner and it was absolutely gorgeous. It was so refreshing not to see any cars or bikes, as everyone gets around by foot! I also went on a gondola which was an amazing experience.

What did you do before working at P&B?
Before joining P&B I worked for an engineering company for 11 years. This means I have a lot of experience with administration for engineering and I feel that I fit in well here.