Posted on 7th December 2020

Waites Hay & Straw

Waites Hay and Straw started over 100 years ago as a dairy farm, fast forward to present day and the land is now used as a grassland farm for Hay & Straw. ‘We supply Hay & Straw right across the country, with 15,000T of product on site for the power stations at any one time.’ Said Philip Waite, Manager at Waites Hay & Straw.

Philip went on to talk about the team ‘We are a team of 8 in total and we all share the jobs… from driving wagons, stacking straw and maintenance to fabrication - and depending on the time of year – spreading straw for drying.’

For a busy business you need reliable machines and equipment, Waites chose Peacock & Binnington for the supply of their 3 JCB loadalls (536.95 Agri Pro, 535.95 Agri Pro and
535.95 Super) 2 JCB 4220 Fastracs, a Kuhn tedder, and Kuhn mounted mowers (Front and back). The JCB Fastracs are used for bailing in harvest as well as raking and turning grass and the loadalls for moving and stacking the bales. Philip continued. ‘We have been getting our machinery and equipment from P&B for years now, the service has been good and all of the servicing has been done well. We go to P&B for parts, servicing and machinery and we will be purchasing again’

The company, currently run by the 6th generation Waites family, was left devastated by the floods of November 2019. A slow-moving front brought persistent and heavy rainfall across Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire & parts of Yorkshire. A river runs across the back of the farmland and the heavy rain caused the river to burst its bank which left severe damage on the land and crop. 

The images show the damage done by the water, the towers of bales that were sitting were crumpled, damp and destroyed. Some bales were salvageable and were sent to the power stations, the only place that can make use of partly damaged bales.

The extent of the damage can be seen on the images, the 2nd and 1st course of bales were all damaged, subsequently, thousands of tonnes have gone to
waste. ‘Around £1 million worth of product was lost due to the flooding, the 3 JCB loadalls really have had to work and they have done phenomenally well. The machines moved around 15,000 – 20,000 tonnes of hay, working in wet, cakey conditions and using around
10,000L of fuel per month.’ Said Philip. Walking around the yard you can see that precautions have been made to prevent the business from being affected again. The loadalls have been used to move stone & silt that had been deposited to raise the river banking to hopefully halt any future flood water. ‘We raised the ground about 3 foot to store straw, it took about us 5 to 6 weeks to complete as we had to raise it up with brick rubble then smooth and level the top over with railway ballast. The forklifts have done most of the work.’ Explained Phil.

He added: ‘This year has not been the best year for farmers, with the flooding and devastation for many. Luckily for us we have worked hard and managed to transform this whole yard in just 7 months. We are hoping for a much better year next year’ The weather
conditions, current climate and issues have made 2019/20 a hard period for farmers but this just shows that with the right mindset, reliable machines and backup, anything is possible and persistence is key.

*Please note that we are no longer a Kuhn franchise.