Posted on 15th June 2021

Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil

Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil, a business that grew immensely from a plan to diversify and change with the times, produce all of their products on their farm in Thixendale, in the beautiful Yorkshire Wolds.

In the chalky soil grows the rapeseed crop that makes up their spectacular product range including but not limited to: their award-winning Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil, Flavoured Oils, Mayonnaise and Salad Dressings. Larger volumes are also supplied into refill stores and the catering sector. The journey began when Adam Palmer first took over the farm at Breckenholme in the year 2000, previously tenanted by his grandfather and primarily concentrating on arable crops and sheep. Although, a desire for diversification grew and Adam wanted to push the business on further. In 2008, the first bottle of cold-pressed rapeseed oil was sold at a farmers’ market. Over the following years, the range expanded to the products included today. Even with the rapid growth, just like that very first bottle sold, every product is made with the base ingredient of the ‘Great Taste Award-Winning’ Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil.

Adam’s father, Ben, is a fellow director in the business, he is also the Technical Manager, and is responsible for the pressing process. He can be seen behind a farmers’ market stall from time to time! Adam works across the farm and the oil business, and Jennie works with the marketing and branding aspects of Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil.

The relationship with Peacock & Binnington started in 2006 when a Massey Ferguson 6475 was purchased. This was used until 2015 when it was replaced with a Massey Ferguson 7618 which is still owned by Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil. In 2019 as the businesses ramped up production and needed something more, the company ordered an additional MF 6715S. Adam is also now on his 3rd JCB 526-56: Compact dimensions, incredible manoeuvrability, unparalleled build quality and all-day operator comfort are probably a few reasons why!

Speaking to Jennie at Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil about our ongoing partnership, she explained:

‘We collaboratively farm with some other local farmers that also work with P&B. Between us the combine, tractors and forklift are all supplied by P&B, and used within the rapeseed growing and harvesting process. P&B have always offered an excellent service and have been helpful and conscientious throughout.’

The journey from plant to bottle is a journey in itself: All rapeseed grown on farm is for the specific purpose of making the oil. If extra rapeseed is required, it is sourced from local farms where possible, to reduce the environmental footprint.

The rapeseed is brought in at Harvest, stored in the bins at the onsite factory, and once ready, pushed into the presses where it will create oil. Cold pressing means that the rapeseed is pressed in a natural, chemical-free way. A large screw-like device is used within the press to squeeze the oil from the rapeseed.

Cold pressing ensures the oil that you are using has all the goodness still in it. Stored until it is ready for use, the oil is transferred to the bottling plant where it is divided into either 500ml bottles or it goes into flavoured oils. All of this is made possible with a small workforce that are well versed in all aspects of the production side of the business.

The famous Yorkshire oil is also healthy… containing only half the saturated fat and 11 times the Omega 3 of olive oil. Omega oils are what are known as healthy oils. Rapeseed oil is a great source of Omegas 3, 6 & 9, in the right combination to work together as your body needs them. With its gentle nutty flavour and high burn point, Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil is ideal for all your culinary needs. Great for frying, baking, drizzling and dipping. The family have created their very own recipe book... the book features over 150 pages of recipes, using exclusively YRO products.

The website is a really informative place to learn more about the products and the family.

If you wish to find out more, be sure to head there for a browse...